The importance of a Real Estate Agent for Searching for a Property or Marketing the Property


Have you wasted many hours browsing websites for selling, renting or buying real estate to search for a property that suits you or to market the property?

The time you wasted and days and months passed while you were stuck in the trap of futile research and marketing?
Most likely your answer will be "Yes"! What are the real reasons behind this? And what is the opinion of specialists in this matter? Let's get to know with us the reasons that should be avoided to search for a property individually or even market it and depending on a real estate agent instead.
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Depend on a real estate agent, don't search for a property on your own! 

Searching for a property on your own means multiple search methods, the dispersion between different sources, and wasting time without reaching the desired property. You will face various problems that may make you realize the mistakes you made when making a purchase decision. To avoid entering this spiral, here are the points that explain to you why you need a real estate agent to search for a property.

1. It is not just an inspection tour: When you go to view the property that matches your request, do not rely solely on your admiration for the property and take an inspection tour in it to decide to buy the property. The matter requires attention to the basics of the property inspection such as the property infrastructure, water and electricity networks, the duration of consumption of the property if it has been previously inhabited, and other basics of inspection, the details of which only real estate agents are aware of.

2. An approved and reliable source: Real estate sale advertisements spread here and there is an attractive and attractive way, but to choose a certified real estate agent to search for a property means confidence in the real estate offered for sale and ensuring the correctness of the purchase decision, as the real estate agent does not approve any real estate for sale except after examining it engineering Ensure that there are no legal loopholes.

3. A large list of real estate options that can be identified: the real estate agent is interested in his real estate list includes different real estate categories of apartments, villas, lands, houses, … and others, with various specifications that meet the requirements of real estate seekers, and the customer can specify the category and specifications of the property before the process Search for a property to save time and effort and ensure that the property is easily found.

4. A wide network of relationships: These relationships are based on trust and mutual benefit between the real estate agent, real estate owners, and some competent authorities, such as the Land and Survey Department and banks, in addition to some different governmental and private institutions, and contribute to keeping real estate agents aware of the real estate market situation and customer requirements. The real estate agent’s network of relationships serves customers, moves the buying and selling operations, fulfills their requirements, and avoids them falling into any real estate or legal loopholes.

5. Capabilities: The real estate agent has strong capabilities that suit his position to serve the client and complete the sale or purchase process successfully. A successful real estate agent is always keen to develop himself and use the necessary tools to manage the affairs of his real estate list, manage customer requirements, bring the seller and buyer closer, and provide support services such as consulting., customer service, previewing the property on the ground, and many capabilities that the agent possesses and help the customer to make the right decision.

6. Transparency and credibility: The most important characteristic of relying on a real estate agent in the buying and selling process is transparency in dealing and credibility in fulfilling the request, as the agent informs the customer before the start of his trip with all the details, information and costs that he would like to know, and during the trip, he keeps the customer informed of any developments or Updates may occur.

Relying on the real estate agent in the process of searching for a property avoids the customer the element of surprise in many matters such as property specifications, prices, undisclosed additional costs, transactions, and others 

Real estate marketing tools of the real estate agent! 

Real estate marketing is an important and essential requirement within the tasks of the real estate agent who owns the real estate list that needs professional marketing that achieves the goal of completing the sale and purchase of real estate.

1. Reaching the target segment: We talked a little about the importance of the network of relationships and the possibilities of the real estate agent in bringing the seller and the buyer closer, and this is the traditional real estate marketing that is effective in many cases, but with the technological development and the dominance of digital marketing in the world and the real estate agent’s keenness to develop its tools Marketing is now using digital real estate marketing; This is to narrow the target segment and reach customers interested in real estate, including sellers and buyers.

2. Converting the customer into a buyer: The real estate agent is not satisfied with marketing the property through its channels only, but rather relies on other marketing channels that have experience, qualified people, and advanced tools to reach the real customer looking for a property and converting it into a buyer.

3. Real estate marketing strategy: One of the most important steps that the real estate agent is keen on is developing an accurate real estate marketing strategy in which he studies and analyzes the real estate market in addition to the status of competing companies, and this matter contributes to the correct targeting and development of marketing methods.

4. Combining traditional marketing with digital marketing: The variety of marketing tools used in the real estate agent contributes to the integration of the marketing strategy and reaching the target segments accurately.

5. Budget: It is not important that the real estate marketing budget be high to target the segment accurately, but the most important thing is knowing how to target it! Therefore, when the customer does market on his own or through marketers outside the real estate framework; He will have to pay large amounts to many marketing channels, and he may not reach a real buyer. The real estate agent, through his marketing strategy, avoids the customer from paying large sums to market his property anywhere without achieving the desired goal.

6. High professionalism in the presentation: the real estate agent will not be satisfied with the sentence (house for sale or apartment for rent), but he is keen to display the most important details related to the property that serves the customer during the search process, such as perfect photography, specifications, price, and cares that the offer in the advertisement matches real estate on the ground.

When we talk about a real estate agent and his important role in real estate management, always remember not to hesitate to contact Homes Jordan team! When dealing with real estate experts, legal and engineering advisors, and the customer service team, you will realize that you are facing an integrated team that works in one spirit despite the multiplicity of departments and their different tasks. However, they complement each other and work with a clear vision to achieve customer satisfaction.