Top 10 Real Estate Tips to Sell Your Property at The Best Price and in a Short Period

أفضل 10 نصائح عقارية لبيع عقارك بأفضل سعر وبمدة قصيرة

 In previous years, the culture of selling real estate in Amman - Jordan was not widely circulated, and the property owner used to stick to his house, while the buyer avoided buying a property that had been inhabited before! The reasons were not convincing, as they were just inherited ideas that everything can be sold except the house, while the buyer prefers to be the first inhabitant! Nowadays, times have changed, generations have changed, and selling real estate has become normal, especially when it comes to investing or owning another home with higher specifications or in a better area. However, before! The reasons were not convincing, as they were just inherited ideas that everything can be sold except the house, while the buyer prefers to be the first inhabitant! Nowadays, times have changed, generations have changed, and selling real estate has become normal, especially when it comes to investing or owning another home with higher specifications or in a better area. However, before selling any real estate it is better to be careful and consult specialists, and at Homes Jordan, we offer you the most important real estate tips that help you sell your real estate at the price that you want and at the right time. If you are ready, list your property with us today!

Top 5 key tips for selling your home

After extensive studies and research, real estate experts at Homes Jordan found that these five tips are the basis for facilitating the process of selling real estate in Amman; considering the increase in real estate construction and the expansion of buying and selling options:

1. Maintenance, restoration, and renewal:

As soon as you think about the decision to sell your property for any reason, be sure to inspect it completely in all aspects:

• Infrastructure

• Water and electricity networks

• Kitchen and bathrooms

• Walls and ceilings

• Doors and windows

• The external garden, if any, and the garage

Begin the necessary maintenance process immediately after the inspection, and if it requires some restoration or renovation, do not miss it. Pay attention to the age of the kitchen and bathrooms, and renovate them if necessary, because this helps raise the price of your property and facilitates the matter of persuading the customer to buy it for the readiness of the property.

2. Pricing

Be fully confident that you are the best person to evaluate your property and set the price that suits you based on the property’s components. You can also check our evaluation service offered at Homes. 

Real estate experts and consultants at Homes Jordan assure you that if you consider the following factors when pricing your property, you will be able to sell it without entering the cycle of tiring negotiations:

• Knowing the administrative price value of the area in which you own your property, which we talked about it in detail in a previous article here, discussing the administrative value of the city of Amman and details about the service and taxes.

• Learn about real estate and housing prices in the same area directly and with your personal efforts.

• Explore housing around you and close to your property, in terms of number, specifications, area, and other things that interest you.

• Find out the market price of your property, and here you will have one of two options; either setting a lower price or a higher price compared to the market price, based on various factors, including:

Duration of depreciation of the property, as the number of years of the property reduces the price of the property by 1% - 2% annually.

Restoration and renovation work, for example: changing the property’s tiles, kitchen, and bathrooms. All of these are factors that raise the price of the property if they are changed and replaced with newer ones of higher quality.

The period that you will set to sell your property is one of the factors that help you control the setting of the price you want. If the period does not make a big difference to you and your plan is to offer your property for a long period, within a year, for example, then you can raise the price of your property above the market price.

3. Market requirements

Do not pay attention to what people always talk about with regards to the decline of sales of real estate in Amman - Jordan. The truth and reality prove the opposite, especially after the pandemic that the world was exposed to recently, so most people are looking for:

Real estate at ground floors that include large outdoor spaces or within the last floors that include balconies and beautiful views, as this type of real estate gives them freedom and space to enjoy the space inside the house, regardless of the situation of the outside world.

Designing the house in a smart and comfortable way and at the same time giving personal freedom to the members of the house.

The Smart Home. With work pressures, long hours, and continuous technological developments, most people are looking for everything that makes their daily lives easy and convenient inside the home with the latest Smart Home technologies introducing smart control systems in their homes.

If these specifications are available in your property, it will contribute to setting a higher price and speed up the selling process.

4. Where and how do you offer the property?

Before you decide to offer your property for sale, you should think about the privacy of your home and the selling price that you set, so as not to face annoying situations such as frequent contact with unserious customers or breaching the privacy of your home if the real estate site is announced with an explicit and detailed address. So, after applying the first three tips that we mentioned, we advise you to connect with real estate brokerage companies to advertise your home through. Real estate experts and consultants are the best in understanding your requirements and providing advice that is in your interest to facilitate the sale of your property without facing any penalties or various difficulties.

At Homes Jordan, when sharing any marketing content related to a property for sale, we make sure of the following:

Meeting the customer's desire to respect the privacy of the property's location, its details, and the positive reasons for selling in professional ways that do not affect the sale process.

At Homes Jordan, an integrated team of marketing experts who follow the latest tools and strategies to market the property through different stages, while preserving the customer’s privacy in cooperation with real estate experts and consultants, until the real buyer is reached.

We advise any property owner to rely on only one or two real estate brokerage companies to list the property for sale, as this matter determines the type of target customers and facilitates access to those who are serious about the purchase process. In the event that the property is offered to multiple real estate brokerage companies, the advertisement will become widely shared to people whose interest in the matter does not exceed curiosity only.

5. Photography

An essential and very important factor to convince interested and serious customers, as a picture is worth a thousand words! It does not require a special professional camera, as most types of mobile phones now have professional cameras with high specifications and quality. You can photograph your property using your mobile phone, focusing on:

Lighting used inside and outside the house, as it reflects the beauty of the house.

Photographing the house from several different angles, and it is preferable to take more than one angle for one room.

Re-photographing more than once if the images are not of the appropriate quality to be displayed on the real estate brokers' websites.

These were the top 5 main tips that you should follow before you think about advertising the sale of your property, and now, we will talk about 5 additional tips that facilitate the selling process in a short period.

6. Announce the price. Some believe that revealing the price of the property in the advertisement will negatively affect people's interest, but we at Homes Jordan recommend putting the price in the advertisement, because the real customer can evaluate the price based on the property specifications mentioned in the advertisement, and this will encourage them to contact you and inquire about the rest of the details.

7. Avoid long ad details. Be concise and straightforward, what matters to customers is the area in which the property is located, its plot area, the number of rooms, and one or two important features, for example, the presence of a swimming pool, the smart home, ... etc; and that’s all! The interested and serious person will call as soon as he finds the main specifications of the property he is looking for.

8. Be the direct person to contact customers. Besides being the best person who can evaluate your property (as we talked about in the first main point), you are also the best person who can talk about the features of your property (preferably some but not all) and the reasons for selling to customers with high credibility, besides being the only one who knows all the details of the property and is ready to answer questions or any expected or unexpected inquiries. In any advertisement, do not hesitate to put your phone number.

9. Real estate preview and customer expectations. When a potential customer contacts you, do not raise the ceiling of his expectations for the house before he inspects it on the ground, and always make sure that the level of reality is much higher than the level of the customer’s expectations. This only happens if you talk to him about the basic features of the property and about the suitability of the price for the details of the property that were not mentioned in the ads.

10. Do not mention the minor defects of the property, if any! At this point, you have inspected and examined the house and finished what was needed for maintenance or restoration, which means that the house is free of defects! And what you see as minor flaws are from your point of view only, which the customer may see as an advantage from his point of view, and he will not make the purchase before inspecting and examining it.

If you want to know more tips on speeding up and facilitating the process of selling your property, our team of real estate experts and consultants at Homes Jordan is ready to provide their services throughout the week and throughout the day. Contact us anytime for your property consultation!