Why Homes Jordan? And why is it the best choice for buying, selling, and renting real estate?


When I graduated from the university and started my practical life, I was always thinking about the future and the coming years, how I want to secure my future, and how I face the changes of life and time. I did not know what was the appropriate decision that I should take, but with the time and experiences I went through, I discovered that I had to think about something that would return me with financial returns or leave it to time, and I was confused between investment and commercial options and business projects, I was confused between whether to open a shop specializing in a specific thing or open Small business in my field or buy real estate! When I thought it was good, I found the most appropriate thing to do is to buy real estate, by saving myself effort and time, as I do not suffer from the difficulties of pursuing trade and private work, and real estate benefits me at the present time and for the future, and as much as I can spend and invest in it at any time.. And I thought and decided to buy a house.

I started looking for a house with certain specifications and within my budget. Ads filled the country, and social media helped me search, but i discovered that the problem was not the search itself. The problem came with the effort and time that was wasted when I found a house with a specific advertisement and contacted the advertiser and decided to go and see the house, unfortunately. It does not look completely identical, and if I find the property that suits me, I discover that there are many problems with it, and the prices vary irrationally between properties that have similar specifications within the same area! Other than the problems of estimation and evaluation, conflicting opinions, and advice based on personal experiences or interest sometimes, in addition to difficulties in payment, bank terms, and assignment transactions, other than price fraud.

At a certain stage, I began to get frustrated because there were no indications of the success of the experiment, but I decided to change the search method and all my thinking became limited to finding a reliable party that I could rely on to find my order and they would have some basic services, i.e. like developed countries that use advanced technologies and services that aim to make the customer comfortable. I asked a lot and tried, and in the end, I reached Homes Jordan, and from the first phone call between me and them, I resolved the most difficult issues that were making an obstacle between me and the house of my life... And this is how I started my journey to reach safety and find the house within a short period without ever conquering, in short, all I did is that I saw The property was once, all the papers for the bank loan were ready, even the waiver and home loan transactions, and all I needed to do was sign!

It is one of the chats of success stories with our dear customers, with whom we establish distinguished relationships based on trust, honesty, and transparency after our journey ends for them in finding the right property and completing all legal, real estate, and financial matters, so why did they choose Homes Jordan? And why are we specifically distinguished in the field of selling and renting real estate in Amman, Jordan?

When we, Homes Jordan, decided to start our journey in the field of real estate; The decision was based on pioneering ideas and foundations! It was not just a matter of supply and demand, or just a seller and a buyer, but it went beyond that to guide the customer towards making the right decision and facilitate the steps to take, in addition to taking into account the safety procedures and speeding up the sales process in a short time! 

We will talk about:

What is Homes Jordan Agency?

Who are the staff at Homes Jordan?

An easy way to contact the Homes Jordan team

What is the link between the property owner and the property seeker?

Facilitating the payment and financing mechanism for the buyer and the agreements between Homes Jordan and banks

The role of Homes Jordan in completing all procedures in the Department of Survey and Lands

How does Homes Jordan market real estate?

What is Homes Jordan Agency? 

Homes Jordan is an agency specialized in managing real estate services in Amman - Jordan for all categories of land, residential and commercial real estate, under the supervision of a professional team of engineers, real estate and legal consultants, and we are distinguished by having the largest real estate list in Jordan.

Transparency and credibility are our motto at Homes Jordan, and our main goal is to achieve the purpose for which customers come to Homes Jordan, and support them in an integrated manner by speeding up and facilitating the buying and selling procedures until the completion of the sale process.

Who are the staff at Homes Jordan? 

At Homes, we established a specialized real estate team and experts in real estate marketing, as well as engineering and legal advisors, to serve customers 24 hours a day. A specialized agent was appointed for each real estate category.

Our team receives customer requests and then works on them with complete privacy and professionalism. There is a real estate owner and there is a real estate seeker, and each of them has different requirements and desires.

An easy way to contact the Homes Jordan team

When a customer chooses us, all they have to do is contact us! The customer service team will respond to it and transfer it to the relevant department upon its request.

Now, what will happen?

Whether the customer is a property owner or a property seeker, the following services will be provided by the Homes team for free (and we will talk about them in detail later within the requirements check):

- Coordinating the appropriate time with the client to go to the place of the property

Accompanying the client to the location of the property to inspect it.

Photographing the property (for the property owner)

- Providing advice related to the property that increases the chances of selling, such as maintaining the property, adding some basic features that the buyer may need, building a guarantee and other advice

Checking the requirements of a property owner and a property seeker

Property Owner

Knowing all the details of the property that he seeks to sell or rent, such as (location, area, and what is the expected amount).

- Providing real estate advice to the owner to improve sales opportunities and expand the customer segment.

- Before announcing and marketing the property, the Homes consultant filters and compares all requests submitted by customers, and matches them with the property, in order to ensure that there is a request that matches the offered property, and communicates with the applicant and informs him, and in the event that no matching requests were found or the sale process did not take place For whatever reason, the marketing process for the property begins, as we will talk about it later in this article in detail.


Property Seeker 

- Knowing his request and budget, and providing the necessary advice and advice, whether engineering, legal or real estate.

- The work team carries out the search process within the real estate list of Homes Jordan, so perhaps his request is ready with us, and the list is presented to the customer to choose what suits him. Purchase procedures.

- In the event that his request was not found on the list, or he did not like something from the offer for any reason, the Homes team begins the journey of searching for a property that matches its requirements within accurate and fast search procedures until it finds the matching request.

The Homes Jordan team undertakes the task of marketing the request.

When a customer likes one of our properties; Here our real role begins to help him make the right decision, as we bring a specialized engineering company to inspect the property, to go to the property site to examine it and ensure that it is free of any structural or engineering defects.

Once the price is agreed upon with the property owner, the buying and selling procedures begin between the two parties within clear conditions such as: (property delivery, property delivery time, maintenance and building guarantee conditions, in addition to any other conditions that are discussed before the assignment process).

Here we are at Homes Jordan; By appointing a specialized lawyer who preserves the rights of both parties, to ensure that all procedures during the real estate transition phase are free from any risks to all parties.

And because we know the importance of the value of time for our customers, and that the decision to buy a property is a difficult decision, we at Homes Jordan have facilitated and simplified all procedures so that decision-makers can make the right decision without any risks or any additional costs.

A quick and important note from Homes Jordan

Our work does not end at this point! We at Homes Jordan complete what we started until the ownership of the property ends in favor of the buyer in the Survey and Land Department, without our client incurring any effort or wasting time only during the period of the transaction procedures. All the customer has to do is come to the Survey and Land Department on the day of assignment to sign the transaction. final, in the shortest possible time compared to the time it takes for government transactions!

What is the link between the property owner and the property seeker?

One of the most important things that we are keen on in Homes Jordan is to provide comfort to our customers in all procedures related to the process of buying or selling a property, and when the customer finds his request in the Homes Jordan real estate list, our team informs the property owner to start the buying and selling procedures, and here we take on the task of completing all Procedures We invite customers only when signing and authenticating processes, or we provide them with access to complete the procedures.

Facilitating the payment and financing mechanism for the buyer and the agreements between Homes Jordan and banks (H3)

Who among us does not dream of owning (the house of life)? The biggest obstacle to owning any real estate lies in the financial difficulties and the lack of liquidity or cash, although the real estate is the guarantee and the investment, and with Homes Jordan, this matter is no longer impossible, as we have provided in Homes the financial facilities through agreements concluded with several commercial banks such as Bank Safwa Islamic, Al-Rajhi Bank, Arab Islamic Bank, and other banks, and we take upon ourselves the tasks of organizing the necessary papers and taking all measures to bring the customer to the final stage, which is signing the contract only!

And you should know, dear customer, that once you decide to buy your home with a bank loan, one of our legal advisors will clarify all the terms of the loan and explain all the necessary details, and preserve your legal rights.

You can quickly see the loan procedures and their details through the article Conditions for Granting Bank Loans

The role of Homes Jordan in completing all procedures in the Department of Survey and Lands

In Homes, we have our agents accredited by the Department of Survey and Land, whose main mission is

In the issuance and completion of all transactions related to the assignment of the property and its signature by the seller and the buyer, through a series of advisory and legal procedures that guarantee the preservation of the rights of customers.

Also, our agents have constant visits to the Department of Survey and Land and their direct communication with its officials in order to keep them informed of any update or amendment that may occur to all laws related to the procedures of sale and purchase, assignment, fees, writing contracts, taxes, mortgages, … etc., and others, to inform Customers are up-to-date and avoid any problems that may occur or delays during the procedures.

How does Homes Jordan market real estate?

At Homes Jordan, we keep pace with all technological developments and changes to make positive shifts in the field of work and customer service. It is not enough for us to have an advanced real estate system, but we have supported it through marketing to spread our services and publish customer advertisements on a large scale.

And now, in Homes Jordan, we follow two types of marketing:

Traditional Marketing (Offline) 

We rely on postcards, brochures, letters, and pamphlets, as well as magazines, newspapers, coupon books, billboards, radio, and television.

Digital Marketing

 In this type of marketing, we primarily rely on our website, Homes Jordan, in addition to social networking sites, promoting through various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In addition to search engines, online stores, e-mail, smartphones, and various websites and applications with local and international sites.

You can learn about Homes Jordan's digital marketing channels through the following links:





For direct inquiries, contact us on WhatsApp:


And after we talked about Homes Jordan in all the details, we would like to inform you that we have a team ready to serve you 24/7 and answer all your questions and inquiries, so do not hesitate to contact us for all real estate matters.