Reasons for Success in Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment

"50 years ago, my grandfather was offered to buy half of Abdoun land for 50 dinars!"

"My grandfather, offered him an entire Jabal Amman for 200 dinars in the sixties!"

This is one of the phrases that Jordanian youth use among themselves with a sense of humor and joking when they see the extent of the development that the capital, Amman, has witnessed in recent years. These phrases may be joking, but the reality now imposes itself strongly, as the dunums of land that a citizen could have owned in the area of Tlaa Al-Ali, for example, at the amount of 4,000 dinars in the seventies or sixties, its value has now reached approximately 500,000 Jordanian dinars, and it may decrease or increase according to the specifications of the land.

Is real estate investment in lands specifically the most successful investment over the years? 

We must acknowledge reality and acknowledge that this era we live in is a time of technological development and digital investment! We say this because digital investment is within everyone's reach. It is enough to have a little money in your wallet and an Internet subscription to start any investment from hundreds of digital investments such as forex or bitcoin.

You may ask yourself now, what do I choose? Traditional or digital investment? 

The Homes Jordan team will help you in making your decision, all you must do is see the details of the traditional investment and then the decision is yours!

We agreed to focus on talking about real estate investment in lands, but it is important first that we get to know all types of real estate investments that include:

● Residential real estate investment

● commercial real estate investment

● real estate investment desktop

● Industrial real estate investment

● Investing in old real estate (Jordan is witnessing a big leap in restoring old places and converting them into tourist places)

● Land investment and land development

Now let's learn about the reasons that contribute to your success in real estate investment in lands inside Jordan 

1. Determine the purpose of the purchase 

Do not buy the land randomly or without specifying your goal in buying it, and ask yourself: "Why do I want to buy the land?" Perhaps your goal is just to freeze your money in fixed assets, or to buy it to increase its value over time, or that you want to buy it for real estate development!

All of these and other goals are very important. It helps you determine the location of the land, the amount you will pay for it, and other factors that direct you towards a low-risk purchase.

2. Budgeting 

Set your budget that you think is appropriate to invest as capital to buy this land, and that matches your goal of buying the land, because setting the budget makes it much easier for you to determine the location in which you want to buy the land, in addition to using real estate administrative services to find your request.

3. Earth location 

After you set the goal and the budget, you will now be able to locate the land, as the city of Amman varies in its geographical nature and administrative organization, and therefore it has a wide choice of different lands at varying prices within your goal, and it is very important that you realize the opportunity for the recovery of the land that you purchased in the future, through studies And the possibilities posted by real estate agencies and real estate experts.

4. Don't invest your money in one site 

In any investment, especially if you are in your investment beginnings, you must realize two main points: keeping a reserve balance or cash liquidity, in addition to not paying all your money in only one investment, in order to reduce potential risks to the lowest possible degree and seize appropriate opportunities to purchase real estate investments. other.

5. Other real estate investment portal 

Because investing in real estate, especially land, is low-risk and profitable, so it is a right choice for those who want to start working in the field of investment or for those who want to obtain additional income, and what distinguishes lands is that their value increases with the passage of time and is not subject to losses. If you are ready to become a successful investor, start in real estate and do not hesitate.

6. Benefit from real estate administrative services 

You can search individually for real estate within your needs and requirements, but we always recommend the use of real estate administrative services for the following reasons, which are approved by the work of Homes Jordan:

Owning the largest real estate list in Jordan, and this is sufficient to achieve the credibility of the sale by the real estate owner.

- Ensuring the selection of the appropriate drug and avoiding various risks.

- We have engineering and legal advisors that you can consult at any time.

Completion of all transactions and procedures, whether banking or in the Land and Survey Department.

You can learn more about the reasons for choosing Homes Jordan Real Estate Agency by reviewing: Why Homes Jordan? And why is it the best choice for buying, selling, and renting real estate?

You have made the decision to start your investment business and followed the success factors that we mentioned to you. Now it is important to us in Homes Jordan that you realize the following: 

Investing in lands is one of the most successful investments at the level of various sectors but remember that it may sometimes be slow in returning profits, and that depends on various factors, the most important of which is your investment goal.

You may buy the land, and after a short period of time, the area will flourish with urbanization and construction, and now your opportunity is strong for sale or development in accordance with the nature of the site and the area. You are the winner in all cases!

An economic recession may occur worldwide, and this is the appropriate period to freeze funds through real estate.

It is good to study the state of the real estate market before entering into any real estate investment and pay attention to the sites that will witness a real estate boom.

If your investment goal is real estate development, always make sure to be proactive in your investment idea based on the requirements of the region and population.

Finally, you may ask what do I choose between traditional investment or digital investment?! 

Digital investment has strong advantages that facilitate its selection, such as abundant profit, not requiring a huge amount of money to invest, ease of investing through one click of a button, investing anywhere in the world, but at the same time, digital investment is not subject to government supervision, nor to any financial institution, you must be careful in choosing the investment destination and start gradually.

The safer investment that the world has witnessed over the years remains the safest and strongest!