Obtaining Residency in Jordan Through Purchasing Property

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Perhaps the most sought-after thing by individuals in this world, especially in this era, is stability. We now see many people preferring to move from their home countries to neighboring countries or even to continents on the other side of the globe in search of secure, financial, and familial stability that grants them a sense of prosperous living mixed with luxury.

In this article, we will discuss how to obtain residency in Jordan through property ownership for non-Jordanians and the conditions and advantages of residency in Jordan. If you have any inquiries about the possibility and process of property ownership in Jordan for non-Jordanians, you can find detailed information in the article "Can Non-Jordanians Own Property in Jordan?"

Conditions for obtaining residency in Jordan through property ownership:

Restrictions on applying for residency in Jordan through property ownership:

- If the person's country of origin is not recognized by the Jordanian government.

- If the desired property is located in border or heritage areas.

- Failure to obtain prior permission from the competent authorities to purchase and own the property.

- The principle of international law is known as the principle of reciprocity, which applies to non-Arab foreigners holding multiple nationalities.

Conditions for purchasing property in Jordan for non-Jordanian foreigners and obtaining residency in Jordan:

- According to the Department of Lands and Surveys estimate Department of Lands and Surveys, the total value of the properties should not be less than 200,000 Jordanian Dinars (equivalent to 280,000 US dollars).

- The property must be retained for a minimum of 5 years without disposal.

- The applicant must commit to residing in Jordan for 5 years regardless of the duration of the previous residency.

Who are the eligible family members of the applicant who can obtain residency rights in Jordan?

- The spouse.

- Unmarried male children under the age of 24.

- Unmarried female children under the age of 24.

- The main applicant's parents.

It is important for the applicant to be aware of the following points:

- Foreign individuals can purchase and own multiple properties as long as their total value exceeds 200,000 Jordanian Dinars.

- Property owners have the right to dispose of the property through mortgage, sale, or lease after 5 years of ownership.

- Residency in Jordan can be renewed for a specified period as long as the property owner maintains ownership.

The residency becomes invalid if the property owner stays outside Jordan for more than 6 months.

What are the procedures required to apply for residency in Jordan after fulfilling all the conditions for property ownership?

The application should be submitted to the Jordanian Department of Lands and Surveys/Legal Affairs Directorate/Investment Facilitation Department for facilitating the ownership request. The procedures, requirements, and approvals are as follows:

1. The presence of the applicant, authorized agent, or licensed real estate office.

2. The request is reviewed/forwarded to the Investment Facilitation Department for verification along with the attachments and the purpose of ownership.

3. The request is reviewed by the Diwan section for submission.

4. The request is sent electronically with the attachments to the Ministry of Interior or a consultation letter is prepared by the Director-General for the opinion of the Ministry of Interior.

5. After receiving the approval of the Ministry of Interior, an appointment letter is prepared for the relevant authorities' approval (Director-General of the Department of Lands, Minister of Finance, Council of Ministers).

6. Upon obtaining approval, the approval is sent electronically to the relevant registration directorate for execution, followed by an SMS notification to the applicant.

7. A copy of a valid passport for the buyer.

8. Power of attorney or notarized agency for the authorized person.

9. Temporary separation statement certified by the Survey Services Directorate.

10. Registration deed for the property to be purchased.

11. A copy of the recent zoning plan.

12. Personal details form (requested by the department).

The duration for completing the procedures to apply for residency in Jordan is as follows:

- One working day if approval is obtained from the Director-General after obtaining approval from the relevant authorities.

- 4 working days if approval is obtained from the Minister of Finance after obtaining approval from the relevant authorities.

- 15 to 20 working days if approval is obtained from the Council of Ministers after obtaining approval from the relevant authorities.

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