Granting Jordanian citizenship to investors in the real estate sector 2023


In our previous articles in Homes Jordan, we talked a lot about the importance of Jordan's location and its position to attract foreign investors (non-Jordanians) to invest in various economic sectors, including one of the most important economic sectors, which is the real estate sector, which greatly contributed to the revitalization of Jordan's economy and made it a country Vital and vibrant in the heart of a region that suffers from the effects of wars, blockades, and disasters, in which we hope that all neighboring brotherly countries will enjoy safety and stability soon.

Is it sufficient that Jordan's security and stability be the only reason for choosing it by investors? 

Of course not; The advantages that are offered to investors by the Jordanian state are another important reason that makes them think of Jordan as an Arab country for investment, and the advantage of obtaining Jordanian citizenship in exchange for real estate investment is a very important reason, as it is sufficient for the foreign investor to fulfill the conditions for buying the property to obtain the Jordanian passport that will grant him this Advantages:

Visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 49 countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Georgia, and Dominica.

The possibility of entering 180 countries with a Jordanian passport by obtaining an entry visa.

It facilitates the holder to complete many procedures. Before we deliver the basics of obtaining Jordanian nationality for investors in the real estate sector,  you can learn about the details of real estate ownership for foreigners through the article.

Can a non-Jordanian own real estate in Jordan?

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and now; Let us talk to you in detail about all the procedures and privileges that lead non-Jordanian investors - foreigners to choose Jordan to invest in real estate and obtain Jordanian citizenship. 

If the investor’s goal of owning a property in Jordan is to obtain Jordanian citizenship; He must fulfill some conditions that qualify him at first to obtain residency: 

Buying one or more properties with a value of not less than 200,000 Jordanian dinars (according to the estimation of the Department of Lands and Surveys)

Keeping the property for a period of no less than 5 years without disposing of it or mortgaging it

Residence in Jordan for 5 years, regardless of the previous period of residence in Jordan


upon completion of these Terms, in this case, the residency is issued by a decision of the Minister of Interior based on the recommendation of the Special Investors Committee.

If he wishes to apply for Jordanian nationality, he must fulfill the following conditions, or one of them: 

Depositing a deposit of one million dollars with the Central Bank of Jordan without interest for a period of three years, not withdrawing from it during this period, and purchasing treasury bonds worth one million dollars for a period of six years, and he is required to be inside the Kingdom for a period of not less than a month before signing the final recommendation to grant him Jordanian nationality.

Investing through the purchase of shares and/or stakes in Jordanian companies for an amount of not less than one and a half million dollars, provided that the shares are not disposed of for a period of not less than three years, provided that the Companies Control Department and/or the Securities Commission place a seizure sign on them.

If the foreign investor fulfills all these conditions, Jordanian nationality will also be granted to his family members as follows:

Investor's wife - partner

His parents (mother and father) support them.

His children were children under the age of 18 at the time of submitting the application.

Daughters (females) within the following social statuses (single women, widows, divorced women)

It is worth noting that the sons of the male investor, who did not exceed the age of 30 at the time of submitting the application, can obtain Jordanian citizenshipif the investment exceeds three million dollars.

What after the non-Jordanian foreigner owns real estate in Jordan? And he met all the conditions for ownership? 

First, in order to obtain this service, the investor must attend (the person concerned), the agent, or a duly licensed and authorized real estate office.

Secondly, the security approvals will obtain from the Ministry of Interior, the Council of Ministers, and the Ministry of Finance.

The procedures that the foreign investor will follow to apply for obtaining Jordanian citizenship 

Refer to the Investment Facilitation Section to fill out the ownership application.

Review/transfer the application to the Investment Facilitation Department to do (check the application with its attachments and the purpose of ownership).

Refer to the Diwan Department to supply the request.

Sending the application electronically with the attachments to the Ministry of Interior or writing a letter of approval for the opinion of the Ministry of Interior, signed by the Director General.

After receiving the approval of the Ministry of the Interior for the investment department, a letter of recommendation is prepared with the approval of the specialists (Director General of the Land Department - Minister of Finance - Cabinet).

After obtaining the approval, the approval is sent to the competent registration directorate electronically for implementation, and then an SMS text message is sent to the reviewer.

While the documents that must be submitted by the foreign investor to apply for Jordanian citizenship are: 

 A copy of the (valid) passport of the buyer.

A letter of authorization or power of attorney for the delegate.

A statement of change to the temporary release approved by the Directorate of Survey Services.

A registration document for the property to be purchased.

A copy of the organizational chart (recent).

Personal details form (to be requested from the department).

And we must not forget that Jordan in general and Amman in particular, is characterized by the luxury of its construction and urbanization, as it possesses areas of luxury and a level comparable to residential areas in developed countries, so real estate investment in it is a distinguished project that adds to its owner another kind of good lifestyle, so how about if Owning a property met luxury and obtaining Jordanian citizenship?

And remember that we have a team at Homes Jordan ready to provide advice and answer your questions at any time 24/7!