Can a Non-Jordanian Own Real Estate in Jordan?

لم يكتفِ الأردن بأن يكون محط اهتمام السائحين والزائرين فقط!

Jordan was not satisfied with being the focus of interest for tourists and visitors only. Rather, it exceeded the ceiling of normal expectations to attract people from all over the world and choose it as their favorite place to own real estate in. It is geographically important and characterized by its different climatic nature. From Homes Jordan, we will shed light in this article on the most important laws and procedures governing non-Jordanian foreign ownership of real estate inside Jordan.


Are There Restrictions and Conditions for Non-Jordanian-Foreign Real Estate Ownership in Jordan?

A foreigner is allowed to own property inside Jordan under the new real estate property law, within specific restrictions and conditions that achieve the goals of the foreigner and the goals of the Jordanian state. With all that considered, the laws of Jordan are the easiest among the rest of the countries in terms of foreign ownership of real estate. Let us first learn about the basic 

information of the laws of non-Jordanian foreign real estate inside Jordan.

Who Is Considered to be a Foreign Person?

Every person does not possess the nationality of the country in which he resides, and in Jordan, that is the person who does not possess Jordanian nationality, as he is a foreigner in relation to the Jordanian state and is treated differently from the citizens of the state. In the aspect of owning real estate for a foreigner, there are basic restrictions that prevent ownership, and there are basic procedures for facilitating ownership as follows:

1- Basic restrictions against ownership

Preventing foreigners from owning property within the border, historical and archaeological areas.

Absolutely prohibiting the ownership of foreigners whose country is not recognized by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, regardless of the region.

2- Restrictions to take legal action to own

Obtaining prior permission to own. Recording the disposal of the real estate and the provisions that regulate it and the completion of the project in accordance with the provisions stipulated in the Real Estate Property Law, in the case of ownership for the purpose of investment or housing.

For a non-Jordanian foreigner to own real estate inside Jordan, he must follow a set of procedures within specific conditions, in addition to submitting the required documents.

Conditions for obtaining the service with the time of completion of the service after obtaining the approval of the competent authorities:

1- The presence of the person concerned, the agent, or a duly licensed and authorized real estate office, at the Department of Lands and Survey.

2- Obtaining the approvals of the Ministry of Interior, the Council of Ministers, and the Ministry of Finance.

3- One working day for General Manager approval.

4- 4 days for the Minister of Finance approval.

5- 15-20 days for the Council of Minister's approval.

The Necessary Procedures to Own a Property for a Non-Jordanian Foreigner

1- Refer to the Investment Facilitation Department to fill out the ownership application.

2- Review/transfer the application to the Investment Facilitation Department to review the application with its attachments and the purpose of ownership.

3- Refer to the Diwan Department to supply the request.

4- Send the request electronically with the attachments to the Ministry of the Interior or writing a letter of approval for the opinion of the Ministry of Interior, signed by the Director General.

5- After receiving the approval of the Ministry of Interior for the investment department, a letter of recommendation is prepared with the approval of the specialists (Director General of the Land Department - Minister of Finance - Cabinet).

6- After obtaining the approval, the approval is sent to the competent Registration Directorate electronically for implementation, and then an SMS text message is sent to the reviewer.

Documents Required to Own Real Estate for Non-Jordanians - Foreigners

1- A copy of the (valid) passport of the buyer.

2- A letter of authorization or power of attorney for the delegate.

3- A statement of change for the temporary release approved by the Directorate of Survey Services.

4- A registration document for the property to be purchased.

5- A copy of the organizational chart (recent).

6- Personal details form (to be requested from the department).

To obtain a form for applying to own a property, you can click here.

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